We’ve been in your shoes.

Our mission and our why.

We’ve been client-side, so we’ve felt your frustrations first-hand. We believe that marketing is easily gamed and campaign metrics don’t reflect what’s really going on. On top of this, we know that selectively using historic data in silo is not the optimal way to make decisions — so we’ve created a better way.

Your team.

Programmai is greater than the sum of its parts. We exist to serve our customers through intelligence, integrity, energy and grit.

Dean Murr
Founder & CEO
Murray Vanwyk
Robert Hughes
VP of Sales
Justin Davis
Finance Director
Libo Shen
Head of Engineering
Joost van Heesbeen
Head of Product
Sally Ritchie
Head of Customers
Emma Pegg
Product Marketing Manager
Amelia Brosnan
Talent Acquisition Manager
Deni Cermojev
Sales Development Rep
Vasilis Papastefanopoulos
Machine Learning Engineer
Hassan Haider
Software Engineer
Samuel Melkovic
Software Engineer
Filippos Protogeridis
Product Designer
Ricky Courtman
Product Specialist

Our culture.

We work to completion. We bias towards action. Everyone feels like an owner. And we do it for them...

We chose Programmai to get value from our first-party data without having to hire a team of data scientists and wait a couple of years for them to figure out how to execute. Programmai focus on incremental growth and ROI, and their track record is impressive
John Richards
Head of Data, Student Beans

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