Now this one hits different! We’re all degrees of proud to tell you about our newest client partnership with the leading digital fashion destination, And it holds a special meaning for us, too!

Since day one, ASOS has been first to everything. The first to free delivery & returns online, the first to mobile app, and the first to social media & influencer marketing.

Now, they’re one of the first to Predictive Marketing.

Programmai’s story starts at ASOS

Our founder, Dean Murr, met our Head of Customers, Sally Ritchie, while at ASOS. Frustrated by the shortcomings of last-click attribution, they set out to discover incrementality.

Rather than optimise everything towards last-click, they targeted customers who were less likely to buy but showed high potential lifetime value. Improving performance by just a single percentage point changed the game and drove millions of bottom-line profit for the business. This blazed the trial for bringing predictive modelling & activation to life.

Dean went on to found Programmai in 2017. Four years later, the story’s come full circle and the band’s back together! This time… with four-legged help! 🐶

ASOS supports & produces talent

It’s no secret, ASOS prides itself on supporting talent.

Not only do they go to great lengths to promote inclusion, diversity & equality. They also take risks & get behind alternative talent; they truly ‘see all talent’ and this fosters a culture that encourages employees to do their best work, their way.

Programmai joins the ASOS innovation set, which boasts startups like ‘freelancer platform’ YunoJuno. And we expect to see a wave of next-generation founders venture out of the fertile ground ASOS provide for young entrepreneurs.

Programmai owes its roots to ASOS’ support of talent. Its culture of experimentation & belief in data. They built one of the most respected machine learning teams in the UK, which sparked the initial idea for me...
Dean Murr
Founder of Programmai
Everyone at Programmai is excited to help ASOS with their growth ambitions. Our predictive marketing tech will leverage ASOS' first-party data to build predictive lookalikes for acquisition. We know first-hand that this works for them! And we can't wait to go again.
Sally Ritchie
Head of Customers, Programmai

About Programmai

We’re the predictive marketing technology that lets you activate your first-party data and effortlessly build audiences with a predictive, incremental edge.

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