Sally brings over eight years of experience in digital across agency and client-side, including Mindshare, ASOS and most recently Dyson, as Head of Media Technology.

At Dyson Sally led the first-party data strategy for adoption, driving multi-touch attribution for measurement and driving media experiments to find incrementality.

“Having cheered Programmai on from the sidelines over the last four years, I’m now extremely excited to be joining the team as Head of Customers,” says Sally. “I worked with Dean at ASOS, where the Programmai story began. Here we saw first-hand the potential of predictive audiences to solve business challenges and drive bottom-line profit. Now a lot of companies are trying to do the same.”

“With cookieless on its way, all eyes are on maximising the use of first-party data. Programmai bridges the gap between Data Science and Marketing teams, getting insights out from predictive models and into marketers’ hands.”

“Moving to Programmai was a no-brainer. The people, the product, the timing – not to mention, a lot of forward thinking customers onboard already,” says Sally. “I look forward to working with the team and their clients on this journey.”

As Head of Customers, there's no-one in the world better suited to helping Programmai customers grow through predictive marketing.
Dean Murr
Founder and CEO

Dean Murr, Programmai’s founder and CEO, says: “I first met Sally when she came for an interview at ASOS for a performance marketing role I was hiring for. We did some of the best work of our careers working side by side at ASOS, bridging the gap between Data Science predictions and marketing activation in a way that caught the attention of the programmatic industry and Facebook.”

“ASOS was flying and a large part of that was thanks to Sal. As Head of Customers, there’s no-one in the world better suited to helping Programmai customers grow through predictive marketing — they’re in extremely capable hands. Programmai has made a 10X hire. I’m looking forward to taking the pin back out and putting our minds together again.”

We’re delighted to have you with us, Sally.