Connect, Predict, Activate.

Connect all of your first-party data. Make accurate customer predictions. Activate predictive audiences to acquire new and repeat customers, at scale.

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This is real performance. gives you the competitive edge you need. Drive incremental uplift, efficiency and volume. No trade-offs.


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Lower Cost of Acquisition



Acquisition Uplift (in just 2 weeks)


Connect your first-party data.

In a cookie-less future, it’s never been more important to extract value from your first-party data. We use cutting-edge machine learning techniques to understand how each customer behaves.

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Predict what your customers do next.

Your first-party data tells you what customers have done. Create an accurate predictive profile on every customer so you know what they’ll do next and how valuable they could be to your brand.

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Activate predictive audiences.

Your competitors are optimising for short-term results. Play the long-game and get long-term customers. Don’t allow the future value of every customer to be exchanged for last-click results.

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Treatwell increased new customer sales by 6X using in their most mature market.
Albert Abello
Director of Growth, Treatwell is your secret sauce.

Don’t just leave it up to the ad platforms to find and target your customers. Bring first-party, predictive intelligence to the table and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Measure and optimise for long-term success in a highly scientific way. Reduce the cost of acquisition and increase customer lifetime value, across any channel. Do it differently.

Any first-party input from any data source.

Implementing with Programmai is easy. There’s no tracking code, it’s entirely cookie-less. We’ll connect to your data sources and do all of the heavy lifting.

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