Predictive Acquisition + Retention

We make accurate predictions about future customer behaviour.


How It Works

No heavy-lifting, fully server-side.
A complementary intelligence layer to your stack.



First-Party Data

We take your data from the source;
no third-party tracking tags to implement.

We see every customer behaviour & event, as it happens.


Deep Learning Models

We write our Deep Learning models on your first-party data to understand the complex interactions that lead to outcomes.

We then score customers in real-time on their future behaviour.



Predictive Activation

We push our live predictive audience segments (or scores) to your marketing & advertising platforms using APIs.

Calculating the optimal budget required to maximise campaign performance & efficiency of ad spend.


Measurement & Lift

We maintain control groups in order to measure the incremental return from the action taken using our predictive models.

You’ll have access to a whole suite of reports to measure success.


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