Deeply understand your customers. Like never before. uses cutting-edge machine learning to uncover the complex interactions across all of your first-party data sources. Revealing, at a customer-level, what each customer is made-up of and how they behave or transact with your brand.

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All your first-party data.

Connect any first-party data source to We do the rest.

Years of historic data.

A complete view of your brand, product and customer. From inception.

Re-scoring in near real-time.

Learn with up-to-date customer predictions based on the most recent interactions.

We've got you.

Server-to-server. No cookies.

No on-site tracking implementation, or link trafficking. That’s cumbersome and yesteryear.

Any data. Any format.

Your data. However it comes. However it’s structured. We do the data engineering.

Your customer ID. Not ours.

We aren’t interested in building a view of your customer for ourselves. Your customer is yours, so we use your customer ID to join your first-party data sources.

Not a black box.

No off-the-shelf models. Custom to your business. With deep learning features autonomously created that put your customers in a multi-dimensional space for deep analysis.

We deeply understood the complex interactions in Bloom & Wild’s first-party data after just 2 days. connected to Bloom & Wild’s Google Analytics, Transactional & ESP data sources. The product uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to understand the business, product and customer at the deepest level. In just 2 days, was able to accurately predict short & long-term customer outcomes. This was used to acquire new, high-value customers within paid social.

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