Unlimited audiences. Unlimited success.

Generate an endless amount of winning audiences for your marketing & advertising channels using machine learning with your first-party data.

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Predict every customer’s future.

Accurately predict short and long-term customer outcomes and take action with forward-looking data.

Determine how predictive audiences get built.

Use a combination of predictions to build your predictive audiences most suited to the task at hand; acquiring high-value customers or driving repeat customer conversions.

Activate your predictive audiences anywhere.

Sync to any marketing channel for targeting, or run multi-cell holdout experiments to prove lift.

Volume, uplift and efficiency.
No trade-offs.


Always-on, predictive acquisition and retention. Acquire new and repeat customers across any ad platform, at scale.

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Predictive Audiences that ensure you invest the optimal amount based on every customer’s predicted conversion and customer lifetime value. No waste.

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Prove incrementality using multi-cell lift tests, with holdouts. This is real performance.

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This magical product actually works! Programmai has radically changed the way we build our audiences at Treatwell. Increasing new customer sales by 6X in our most mature market.
Albert Abello
Director of Growth, Treatwell

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