Deep Learning +

Deep Learning +

Achieve Predictive Marketing by introducing cutting-edge Deep Learning models to your customer data, changing how you buy, deliver & measure your marketing & advertising

Achieve Predictive Marketing by introducing cutting-edge Deep Learning models to your customer data, changing how you buy, deliver & measure your marketing & advertising

Product Overview

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UK Flooring enlists Programmai to gain competitive edge through Deep Learning

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“We were impressed by the proposition from Programmai, it gives our sales force intelligent information to work with to drive more sales and revenue while helping keep costs down.”

Josh Ashby
CMO, UK Flooring Direct

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Our Deep Learning Models

Programmai calculates its predictions on individual customer behaviour, allowing you to make decisions at a user-level.

We’ve proven that by using these predictions to buy or deliver marketing & advertising communications, we can positively outperform traditional methods.


Purchase Propensity

We accurately predict who is going to buy, when & how much they’re going to spend. This allows you to ‘cool off’ when customers are in the highest propensity to purchase threshold, instead investing in getting more of your customers there.

Using this model you’ll be able to increase the incremental return of your marketing & advertising activity, proven through control group theory.



Churn Risk

Given the usual behaviours of each customer, we can calculate the risk of churn so that you can mitigate it. Many brands & retailers suffer with the notion of ‘1-and-done’ where first purchasers don’t convert into repeat purchasers.

Using this model you’ll be able to increase the number of second purchases from your newly acquired customers, as well as identify a reduction in activity from your regular ones.


Customer Lifetime Value

We can forecast the future value of every customer, meaning you can carve out a marketing & advertising strategy aligned to how profitable they’ll each be for you.

With this in mind, you can determine how much you’re prepared to bid as well as the creative message best to deliver for that type of customer & their long-term value to your business.



Channel Propensity

Our ability to combine individual customer predictions with channel interactions allows us to determine the optimal channel to use to influence desired behaviour or outcome.

This model will enable you to invest in channels with confidence, whilst creating impactful experiences for your customers.

Let’s get this show on the road!


Predictive Marketing + Advertising

Single Customer View

We see every behaviour & event, across devices.


Our deep learning models are built around your business & needs, nothing is black-box or off-the-shelf.

Create/Manage Predictive Audiences

Set your logic or threshold to group customers into predictive segments for targeting.

Enterprise Implementations

We’ll restlessly build into all of your ad-tech & mar-tech vendors, so we can push your predictive audiences to them for activation.

Support & Services

We’re heavy on Slack, you’ll be able to reach us there for anything urgent (or trivial).


It’s important to be able to build your own presentations, your data is your data— available when you are.


Disrupting How Advertising is Bought

We wish to completely change the game within the ad-tech space by introducing cutting-edge machine learning models that produce individual customer ‘predictions’ for the buying & measuring of advertising.

Tech Stack Agnostic

We will work with your existing tech stack & become an intelligence layer that powers it.

Prediction Obsessed

Our predictions will allow you to be where the customer needs you to be, every time.


You’ll be able to use our predictions to make strategic decisions across Programmatic & Paid Social channels.

Incrementality ftw!

We believe everything should be proven, that’s why we use control group theory.


Our solution is truly self-learning & will improve over time.

Client Success & Support

We’re on hand to help you get value out of Programmai.


We’re Backed by Serial Winners!


Programmai changes the game for advertising, their predictions allow retailers to chase incrementality over traditional methods like last-touch.

Tim Brown, Oracle + Adobe

I believe the timing of Programmai is apt. Accurately predicting customer behavior to allow for smarter & more efficient ad buying. Clever.

Omar Shabka, Salesforce

It’s exciting to see a solution come to the market that has already proven to create ROI in the real world. Programmai is well-positioned to disrupt ad-tech!

Martyn Jobber, TechStars

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