We’re completely transparent with our pricing and have no vested interest in where you spend your marketing & advertising budgets — our goal is to help you achieve efficiency & incremental lift with our customer predictions.


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We price based on total volume of data, to get a more specific quote please contact us.


£ 5k /month

1 x Predictive Model
1 x Activation Channel

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Unlimited Predictive Models
Unlimited Activation Channels
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Why do you charge on total volume of data?

We incur a cost to process all of your data in order to train our predictive models and make accurate predictions about each customer; their propensity to purchase, risk of churn & future customer lifetime value.

How long are your contracts?

Our contract is converted into an annual license, whereby you can add/remove predictive models & activation channels as you desire.  We’re also comfortable offering break clauses to ensure you’re happy with our product & services.

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