When Programmai was founded in 2017, the idea behind the name was that we combined ‘Programmatic’ with ‘AI’ to enable e-commerce brands to spend their advertising budgets using forward-looking data, such as customer predictions.

Today, P.ai is more and our vision extends beyond predicting a customer’s next move or future lifetime value. That remains a slice of what we do. 😉 Now, with first-party data so mission critical and cookie-based targeting on borrowed time, P.ai helps plug the audience gaps across your paid channels by giving you an endless supply of ML-based audiences to experiment with so that you find winner after winner.

You see, a marketer can optimise 3 things: audience (who to target), budget (how much to spend), creative (what to show & say).

When it comes to using your first-party data for audience targeting, whilst there’s plenty of Customer Data Platforms or pseudo-CDPs that’ll get your audiences from A to B, none truly help when it comes to prioritisation or crucially, performance! 📈

P.ai is a group of bakers and crust-makers; our product does the hard work for you in no time by recommending 100s of audiences to queue-up and test, alerting you to how they’re changing/evolving over time, and suggesting optimisations to improve campaign performance.

That’s a BFD for marketers.

Let’s eat! 🥧