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We’re on a mission to change the way brands & retailers leverage their customer data, by creating forward-looking predictions that allow them to change how they market & advertise to each customer.

The Team

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Meet the team who’ll help your business become prediction-obsessed.

Dean Murr
Dean Murr Founder & CEO

Murray Vanwyk
Murray Vanwyk CTO

Graeme Blyth
Graeme Blyth Machine Learning Engineer

Mark Mulder
Mark Mulder Full-Stack Engineer

AJ Witter
AJ Witter Sales Director

Tim Brown
Tim Brown Advisor, Adobe + Oracle

Omar Shabka
Omar Shabka Advisor, Salesforce

Martyn Jobber
Martyn Jobber Advisor, TechStars

Predictive Audiences

Disrupt how you buy advertising using our predictions to enable you to bid smarter, whilst anticipating your customer’s next move.

Predict how likely someone is to purchase

Alert you to someones risk of churn

Calculate future lifetime value

Automate bidding strategy decisions


Predictive Acquisition

Our cutting-edge deep learning methods will reveal the hidden traits/behaviours of your best acquired customers, allowing you to focus on healthier acquisition that doesn’t churn after the first purchase.

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Increase Lifetime Value, Chase Incrementality

We’ll predict & measure Customer Lifetime Value for you, as well as optimise for Incrementality. You’ll stop wasting ad spend on customers who don’t require it, focusing instead on where the biggest impact is— and your customers will love you for it!

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