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Is Your Website Data Science Ready?

When making customer predictions around conversion or lifetime value, being able to include the patterns in browsing behaviour is key. We typically see that a large number of top features in our model relate to how a consumer navigates & engages with your website. Get yourself “Data Science ready” using this GA tip!

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Predictive Paid Social by Programmai. Part 6: Activation > Paid Social

Behold the power of predictions on Paid Social. 👍 Predicting who will become a high value customer, then using that as your lookalike to acquire others who’ll behave similarly — that is today’s flywheel for successful acquisition. Breaking performance metrics by going where the conversion probability is hot and avoiding wasted spend — that’s an efficient retention strategy. Seeking incrementality in your activity and using control-group theory to nudge customers along their purchase journey — we’ll do that too, with the optimal investment.

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Unveiling of the Predictive Marketing Platform. Part 5: Activation > Recipes

Make marketing positively influence outcomes, not game them. This article introduces the notion of “Recipes”​ for marketers with a customer-obsession. Take action cross-channel on your customer predictions, driving business value at scale with efficiency.

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