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Unveiling of the Predictive Marketing Platform. Part 5: Activation > Recipes

Make marketing positively influence outcomes, not game them. This article introduces the notion of “Recipes”​ for marketers with a customer-obsession. Take action cross-channel on your customer predictions, driving business value at scale with efficiency.

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Have You Been Looking at the Data Science Build vs Buy Decision All Wrong?

We get asked by big brands why they should use Programmai and not build our capability themselves. There’s the sheer time it takes; the integration work required and the constant need for iteration. Plus the expertise to trade & execute cross-channel to drive business value. But in this article our CTO (Murray Vanwyk) gives his view on the build versus buy dilemma from a Data Science perspective.

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Unveiling of the Predictive Marketing Platform. Part 4: Predictions > Churn Risk

Suffer from “one-and-done”​? We’ll take care of that. Our prediction of when Churn Risk is high allows you to mitigate it when the time is optimal. In this article we cover stimulating second purchases from newly acquired customers and the problem that mounts when you fail to do so.

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